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Phraseanet Documentation

Baskets and Stories

Baskets and stories are located in the work zone area on the same tab. They are recognizable by their colours:

  • Grey for baskets
  • Gold for received baskets when not opened yet
  • Blue for the stories

The Baskets

The essential

A Basket allows to set aside media selections in order to retrieved and work on them. A basket in not “searchable” like documents or stories. They belongs to the user who created it. A basket can be transmitted to another users using Push or Feedback functionalities.

Generalities on baskets

The basic functions and selection in baskets

The baskets and their basic functions are presented in the page dedicated to the results display.

Records selections in a basket are done the same way as in the display area.

See also

See the section on Selections in this page.

Symbols displayed

Baskets are identified by a given name when created and displayed in their title bars. The icons displayed in title bars can give supplementary information:

  • The Push symbol indicates a received basket
  • The blue tooltip indicates a basket received as a feedback request
  • The red tooltip indicates that the validation request has been transmitted by the user.

The baskets context menu

Each basket has a context menu on the right of its title allowing to do the following actions:

  • Export to download the basket content
  • Lightbox to display the basket’s content in Lightbox interface
  • Rename to rename the basket
  • Order, to change the display order of documents in the basket
  • Archive to move away the basket from the work zone area
  • Delete to delete the basket (this do not delete its content from the base)

Click one of those sections of the menu to act on the basket or its content.

Rename a basket

  • Click on Rename to display the form allowing to rename a basket
  • Enter the new name then click on Validate

Altering media order in a basket

  • Click on Set order to re-order the media of a basket.

The interface allows to:

  • Sort automatically
  • Drag and drop thumbnails to move them
  • Reverse the display order

Click on Validate to accept the new display order.

Archive (and unarchive) a basket

Archive allows to keep a basket while detaching it from the work zone area.

To archive a basket, click on Archive in the basket context menu. It disappears from the work zone area.

To find an archived basket, browse the baskets history by clicking on the Browse baskets item in the context menu of the Baskets and Stories tab.


The left side of the window allows to filter baskets:

  • By title
  • By source (received baskets, sent feedback, received feedback)
  • By period or year

The other part of the window lists the baskets with for each one of them, the given title, the number of pictures. Click on the basket’s title to reveal its content.

In the baskets list, a star icon indicates the status of the basket :

  • White means that a basket is archived. Click on the star to un-archive and display it in the work zone area.
  • Yellow means that the basket is displayed in the work zone area. Click on the star to archive it.

Advanced features

Move or duplicate documents between several baskets

To move one or several documents from a basket to another:

  • Select the documents to move
  • Drag and drop the documents in the bar title of the destination basket

To duplicate one or several documents from a basket to another :

  • Keep the “Ctrl” key pressed on a PC or the “Cmd” key on a Macintosh
  • Select the documents to move
  • Drag and drop the documents in the title bar of the destination basket

Actions on the baskets or their content

Actions on the baskets work the same way as actions done on the records in display area.

See also

Refer to the section about the Actions palette.

The stories

The essential

A story is a record in a collection that includes other records, located or not in the same collection. The descriptive note of a story is identical to the one of a document.

Unlike baskets, stories can be searched and displayed by every user who can access its collection.


Most of the available functions on baskets are available for stories. Only the functions peculiar to the stories are documented.

Create a story

  • Display the context menu for Baskets and Stories tab
  • Click on New story

Fill the form by indicating :

  • The collection of publication in the available collections list
  • The title given to the story

Check the box to include the active selection as content of the story.

Click on Create to create the story. It appears opened in the work zone area.

Add, delete documents from a story

The documents in stories are added and deleted the same way as for baskets.

Attach or detach a story from the work area

The stories can be detached for the work zone. To do so, click on the Release from Basket zone item in the story’s context menu.

To attach a story to the work zone (and edit its contents for example):

  • Research in the Stories mode and select one or several stories to attach to the work area.
  • Drag and drop stories from results display area to the work zone.

Delete a story

To delete a story:

  • Search and select it in the display area then click on the Delete button in the main Action palette


  • For a story displayed in the work zone, open it then click on the Delete icon in the Story palette


When a story is deleted, the system asks is the deletion also concerns the media contained in the story. If so, check the box.