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Phraseanet Documentation

Table Of Contents

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Welcome to Phraseanet 4.1’s documentation

Open source DAM system

Phraseanet is a Digital Asset Management system (DAM for short) targeting the professionals needs. It’s created and maintained by the French company Alchemy.

Phraseanet can store, manage and share a wide range of digital resources such as images, videos, audio or office documents within working groups of any size.

As a 100% Web application, it runs in a modern web browser.

Built upon standard components, Phraseanet settles on Linux, OS X or Windows servers and is based on common software components such as Elasticsearch, MySQL, PHP or Apache. Other third-party software libraries participate to Phraseanet. Some of these are developed by Alchemy, while some others not.

About this documentation

This manual discusses about the administration, the use and the advanced developments settings on Phraseanet. A glossary introduces specific terms and concepts used in the application. Want to contribute? Great! Please see this section before beginning.

What’s new in version 4.1?

Here are the main changes in version 4.1:

  • Simplified deployment under Docker (See official images)
  • Worker: this service allows performance gains in the management of sub-definition files
  • Geolocation: Search for records by selecting locations on maps, add of locations in the record note via the edit form
  • Video tools: Cutting and creating chapters
  • Video subtitling: Add subtitles in WebVTT format for one or more languages
  • Graphics improvements

Need help?

Alchemy, editor of Phraseanet sells a range of services around the application.

The Phraseanet team spends part of his time in dedicate forums and groups. Please consult this page for a presentation of these groups.