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Phraseanet Documentation

Version 3.8

Here are the main changes and new features in version 3.8.


One of the major changes in Phraseanet 3.8 is in the configuration. config/config.yml, config/services.yml and config/connexions.yml files disappear for a unique configuration.yml file.

There is no more environment to declare and configuration is compiled in plain PHP to get the benefit of the opcode cache.

Configuration is automatically upgraded during the upgrade procedure. Detailed information about the configuration are available in its documentation.


The configuration is now compiled. Each time file config/configuration.yml is changed it is necessary to recompile to apply changes. Use the bin/console compile:configuration command to do so.

Virual host configuration

Virtual host configuration is now simplified. SendFile (Nginx) and XSendFile (Apache) are now easily configured with bin/console xsendfile:dump-configuration and bin/console xsendfile:generate-mapping commands.

Senfile (Nginx) and XSenfile (Apache) dedicated documentation will help to upgrade settings.


  • Report loading duration has been improved. A new view about export by mail has been added.
  • Baskets can now be deleted from the baskets browser.
  • Add plugins support, see documentation.

User account time limits

User account time limits can now be edited per databox (updates all collections in the databox).


Be careful, time limits are now applied at template application.


Collections, databoxes, status-bits and description fields are now localizables via their “label” property.

Documentation structure

Documentation structure interface has been completely rewritten. Fields can now be localized and they can be sorted.


Authentication now accepts providers (Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, Github, Linkedin, Google-Plus). Read more in configuration for activation.


Permalinks HTTP headers now include a Link header that points to a JSON view of the caption.

Search Engine

  • SphinxSearch engine is now stable. See search-engine documentation
  • Phrasea Engine now supports stemming. When searching for “conspiracy”, documents indexed with “conspirators” will be returned. This feature requires activation of the option in “Indexation” task and full databoxes re-indexing.

Email notifications

  • Email notifications are now sent in HTML format. (Use plugins to customize it).
  • TLS Authentication is now supported to email server (Only SSL was previously supported)
  • A subject prefix can be configured (nice for email filters).
  • Mail server connection can be tested with bin/console mail:test.

Console commands

Some commands disappear:

  • bin/console check:system is replaced by bin/setup check:system.
  • bin/console system:upgrade is replaced by bin/setup system:upgrade.
  • bin/console check:ensure-production-settings and bin/console check:ensure-dev-settings are replaced by bin/console check:config.
  • bin/console requires functional Phraseanet install whereas bin/setup can be executed without installation.
  • Phraseanet can now be installed with the command bin/setup system:install.
  • Add gzip and bzip2 compression to backup command bin/console system:backup-db