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Phraseanet Documentation


Phraseanet is supposed to work on an AMP system, which configuration has to be checked.


For convenience, we strongly recommend that you deploy Phraseanet with Docker.

HTTP Server

One of these


Phraseanet requires an InnoDB storage engine. MySQL, MariaDB or Percona can be used for this.

  • MariaDB >= 10.4.5
Important: Disable the strict mode (please refer to the documentation
of the implemented DBMS).

Message broker

Phraseanet requires an message broker like RabbitMQ (version >= 3.8.16).


  • Phraseanet requires PHP version 7.0.x.

    Please note: PHP versions 7.1.0 or greater are not suitable at the moment.

    Following extensions must be enable:

    • Dom
    • exif
    • ftp
    • gd2
    • hash
    • iconv
    • xml
    • mbstring
    • mysql
    • pcre
    • pcntl (unix)
    • SimpleXML
    • sockets
    • xsl +zlib
    • mcrypt
    • twig (
    • intl
    • pdo
    • CURL
    • JSON
    • gettext
    • amqp (if you plan to use a Parade front office)
    • ZeroMQ (ZMQ)


Phraseanet builds on the ElasticSearch engine with the following specifications:

  • Elasticsearch version 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 or 2.4 (mandatory)
  • Analysis-icu plugin corresponding to the used Elasticsearcher engine release


On Unix / GNU-Linux systems, it is necessary to enable locales to use Phraseanet in your languages.

Debian example:

dpkg-reconfigure locales

Ubuntu example:

  • Activate via /etc/locale.gen
  • Execute /usr/sbin/locale-gen


Locales must be in UTF-8.

Third Party Programs

To generate subviews, Phraseanet uses third party programs, depending on their type

  • Ufraw ImageMagick deleagtion for RAW images

  • FFmpeg from version 1.2.12 “Magic” to 2.0.7 “Nameless” (Tested versions) Previews and Thumbnails extraction from videos and audios.


    The following audiovideo codecs are mandatory for proper application:

    • libfaac
    • libmp3lame
    • libtheora
    • libvorbis
    • libx264
    • libopencore-amrnb
    • libopencore-amrwb

    Suggested compiler options are:

    /configure --enable-gpl \
      --enable-nonfree \
      --enable-libfaac \
      --enable-libgsm \
      --enable-libmp3lame \
      --enable-libtheora \
      --enable-libvorbis \
      --enable-libx264 \
      --enable-libxvid \
      --enable-zlib \
      --enable-postproc \
      --enable-swscale \
      --enable-pthreads \
      --enable-x11grab \
      --enable-libdc1394 \
      --enable-version3 \
      --enable-libopencore-amrnb \
  • Ghostscript Previews and thumbnails extraction from graphix vectors and postscript.

  • XPDF Text extraction from PDFs.

  • Unoconv >= 6 Preview and thumbnails extraction from office documents.

  • MP4Box Preview extraction from videos.

  • RabbitMQ Message broker using AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol).

API keys (optional)