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Phraseanet Documentation

Install with Docker

The essential

Version 4.1 introduce the ability to start a Phraseanet Docker stack.

Why Docker?

Alchemy choose Docker to add some strength in deployments done in clouds or on premise. It gives the opportunity to repeat installation in various environments with a predictive result.

More about Docker

All is in the file

Have a look to the file at the root of Phraseanet project. It gives some information and some explanation to fire a Phraseanet Docker stack.

It’s a starting point to run Phraseanet with Docker.

Where to find Phraseanet DAM Docker images?

All Phraseanet Docker images can be found on

All of them are on top of Linux.

Docker compose orchestration as standard is OK to deploy a developpement or a production environment.

For environments intended for production, IT departments will undoubtedly prefer to rely on existing bricks of their infrastructure for DBMSs and storage servers.

Refer to the .env file and overide the value of COMPOSE_FILE and COMPOSE_PROFILES which informs on the components of the deployed stack according to the context.