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Phraseanet Documentation

Version 3.6


  • A major schema enhancement happens for meta values. Multivalued values were stored serialized and are now stored separatly. Two routes are modified: Records/Metadatas and Records/SetMetadatas. A route has been added to make it easy to display caption: Records/Caption.


As this is a schema change, there is no backward compatibility with API 1.0 which is no longer supported in Phraseanet 3.6.

Please upgrade your adapters before upgrade Phraseanet.

What’s new?

  • Push / Feedback refactor.
  • Users can now create users lists to easily push and validate records. These lists can be shared between users.
  • WorkZone refactor.
  • Baskets can now be “Archived”.
  • Add a baskets browser to Unarchived previous baskets.
  • Multivalued fields can now contains ressources like users as values.