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Phraseanet Documentation

Search for records

The essential

The media and stories searches in Phraseanet are made through a full text search engine that works like many search engines.

Combined with common search operators, these searches are more relevant. Extended searches can be made with other less used operators. It is also possible to search in specific fields if needed.

If a Thesaurus is activated, the search and review of the results can be greatly enhanced.

Remember that in most case, indexation quality remains the dominant factor in search results.

Search in a specific field

It is possible to limit the search to a field of the description. The syntax to indicate in the search field is the field name (as stated in the documentary structure), the operator and the searched value.

TitleEn: Limelight

The engine performs automatic hyphenation on the spaces and voided characters: the searched term in the specified field is between the operator and the first space after the search term. To search for a phrase contained in a field, surround it with quotes.

TitleEn: “Modern Times”


For a field search, be sure to use the field name as stated in the documentary structure. Field names are case sensitive.

For the operator, two possibilities: the colon punctuation mark (:) or the equal sign (=).

Field Contains

Use the operator : (colon) to search for a single term or a phrase in quotes that is part of information entered in the field to search to.


  • TitleEn: Rocky
  • TitleEn: “Star Wars”
  • TitleEn: “Naked gun”


In this kind of searches, language analyzers integrated in the engine are used to maximize response results.

Field Is

Use the = (equal) to search for accurate and strict values (including case sensitivity).


  • TitleEn= Rocky
  • TitleEn= “Star Wars”
  • TitleEn= “The Naked gun 33⅓: the final insult”


This kind of searches do not implement any language or syntax analyzers.

Search using the Thesaurus

If a Thesaurus is activated, the search and the results review can be greatly enhanced.

Display the Thesaurus

The search using the Thesaurus is launched from the Thesaurus tab of the work area.


It presents a tree of the deployed thesaurus where the nodes and terms are clickable.

  • Click on the “+” of the nodes to deploy them and browse through the terms it contains.
  • Double click on a term to start searching.

Searching in the thesaurus is possible using the dedicated form. Include at least the first three characters of a term to trigger the auto-completion system.