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Phraseanet Documentation

Activate registration on Phraseanet bases and collections

It is possible to allow user registration on one or more Phraseanet collections using a form accessible from the homepage of the application.

Registration process

The registration process is like many other applications. Users fill and submits a registration form that gives him access to the application and its resources.

The registration is either automatic or goes through an administrator that will check every registration demands.

Manual or automatic registration?

By default, the subscriptions are manual. When a user submits a registration form, functional administrators receive a notification (on the screen and/or by email) indicating a new access request. They check in the Admin section that the registration is legitimate then either validate or reject a subscription application by granting user rights or not. The users that subscribed are then notified of the decision on their application

See also

Refer to this page dedicated section on access requests.

Automatic subscription allows user to request access which is automatically granted.

It is a choice for each instance and depending on the project, a strategy is better than the other.

To activate the automatic subscription...

  • Connect to the Admin interface as Administrator
  • Click on the Setup item then...
  • In Registration section set the Enable auto registration radio-button to True
  • Validate the form

Enable registration on collections

To enable registration on collections insert a XML tag in the collection settings. With Manage value list right applied...

  • Click on the section Collection settings of the concerned collection
  • Switch to XML view
  • Insert a <caninscript> XML tag with the value 1 as indicated in this example :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  • Validate the form

A Subscription link is then available on the homepage of Phraseanet.

Letting user choose collection to register on

The administrators can give users a choice of collections on which they can register.

  • Connect to the Admin interface as Administrator
  • Click on the Setup item then...
  • In Registration section set the Auto select databases parameter to false

This parameter will activate or de-activate the selection of Phraseanet bases and collections on which a user can subscribes. If the option is de-activated, the subscription is made on all the available bases and collections featuring the Caninscript XML tag.

  • Validate the form then apply the settings.

Customizing the registration form

It is possible to customize the fields of the subscription form.

See also

Refer to the section “Optional records fields” of this page.