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Phraseanet Documentation


The essential

Phraseanet configuration is stored in config/configuration.yml. After any update, it must be recompiled with bin/console compile:configuration command.

Phraseanet configuration is stored in config/configuration.yml that is automatically generated during install.

This file is in YAML format. For performance reasons, and use opcode cache, confguration is compiled.

It must be recompiled after any update.


Configuration compilation is very easy and fast to execute. bin/console compile:configuration should be used.

bin/console compile:configuration


Here is a commented configuration file

    servername: ''  # (string)  Phraseanet install URL

    maintenance: false                         # (boolean) Maintenance mode activation

    languages: ['fr_FR', 'de_DE']              # (array)   An array of actives languages codes. All languages are activated if this array is empty.

    database:                                  # (array)   Database server configuration
        host: 'sql-host'                       # (string)  Database server address
        port: 3306                             # (integer) Database server port
        user: 'sql-user'                       # (string)  Database server user
        password: 'sql-password'               # (string)  Database server password
        dbname: ab_phraseanet                  # (string)  Database server db name
        driver: pdo_mysql                      # (string)  Database driver name
        charset: UTF8                          # (string)  Database connection charset

    database-test:                             # (array)   Database connection for tests (Developers only)
        driver: pdo_sqlite
        path: '/tmp/db.sqlite'
        charset: UTF8

    api-timers: true                           # (boolean) Add timers to API responses (Developers only)

    cache:                                     # (array)   Cache service configuration
        type: MemcacheCache                    # (string)  Cache adapter name
        options:                               # (array)   Cache adapter options
            host: 'localhost'                  # (string)  Cache server address
            port: 11211                        # (integer) Cache server port
            namespace: 'app_namespace'         # (integer) Override cache namespace

    opcodecache:                               # (array)   Opcode cache service configuration
        type: ArrayCache                       # (string)  Opcode cache adapter name
        options: []                            # (array)   Opcode cache adapter options

    search-engine:                             # (array)   Search engine configuration
        type: Alchemy\Phrasea\SearchEngine\Phrasea\PhraseaEngine  # (string) Search Engine service name (FQCN)
        options: []                            # (array)   Search Engine adapter options

            level: INFO                        # (string)  The log level
            max-files: 10                      # (integer) The maximum number of files to keep on disk
            enabled: true                      # (boolean) Enable logs on filesystem

trusted-proxies: []                            # (array)   Trusted proxies configuration

debugger:                                      # (array)   Debugger configuration (Developers only)
    allowed-ips: []                            # (array)   Debugger authorized IP address

binaries:                                      # (array)   Binaries configuration
    ghostscript_binary: null                   # (string)  Path to Ghostscript, null for autodetection (gs)
    php_binary: null                           # (string)  Path to PHP, null for autodetection (php)
    swf_extract_binary: null                   # (string)  Path to Pdf2Swf, null for autodetection (pdf2swf)
    pdf2swf_binary: null                       # (string)  Path to SwfExtract, null for autodetection (swfextract)
    swf_render_binary: null                    # (string)  Path to SwfRender, null for autodetection (swfrender)
    unoconv_binary: null                       # (string)  Path to Unoconv, null for autodetection (unoconv)
    ffmpeg_binary: null                        # (string)  Path to FFMpeg, null for autodetection (ffmpeg, avconv)
    ffprobe_binary: null                       # (string)  Path to FFProbe, null for autodetection (ffprobe, avprobe)
    mp4box_binary: null                        # (string)  Path to MP4Box, null for autodetection (MP4Box)
    pdftotext_binary: null                     # (string)  Path to PdfToText, null for autodetection (pdftotext)
    phraseanet_indexer: null                   # (string)  Path to Phraseanet Indexer, null for autodetection (phraseanet_indexer)
    ffmpeg_timeout: 3600                       # (integer) Timeout for FFMpeg
    ffprobe_timeout: 60                        # (integer) Timeout for FFProbe
    gs_timeout: 60                             # (integer) Timeout for Ghostscript
    mp4box_timeout: 60                         # (integer) Timeout for MP4Box
    swftools_timeout: 60                       # (integer) Timeout for SwfTools (swfrender, swfextract)
    unoconv_timeout: 60                        # (integer) Timeout for Unoconv

border-manager:                                # (array)   Border manager configuration
    enabled: true                              # (boolean) Border manager activation
    extension-mapping:                         # (array)   An array of custom extension to mime-type declaration
        mpeg: video/mpeg
    checkers:                                  # (array)   Border manager checkers list

        -                                      # (array)   Checks duplicates on checksum
            type: Checker\Sha256
            enabled: true
            type: Checker\UUID                 # (array)   Checks duplicates on UUID metadata
            enabled: true
            type: Checker\Colorspace           # (array)   Checks colorspace
            enabled: false
                colorspaces: [cmyk, grayscale, rgb]
            type: Checker\Dimension            # (array)   Checks media size
            enabled: false
                width: 80
                height: 160
            type: Checker\Extension            # (array)   Checks file extension
            enabled: false
                extensions: [jpg, jpeg, bmp, tif, gif, png, pdf, doc, odt, mpg, mpeg, mov, avi, xls, flv, mp3, mp2]
            type: Checker\Filename             # (array)   Checks duplicates on file names.
            enabled: false
                sensitive: true
            type: Checker\MediaType            # (array)   Checks duplicates on media types
            enabled: false
                mediatypes: [Audio, Document, Flash, Image, Video]

authentication:                                # (array)   Authentication configuration

    auto-create:                               # (array)   Automatic account creation configuration
        enabled: false                         # (boolean) Automatic account creation activation
        templates: {  }                        # (array)   Id / names of templates to apply on automatic account creation.

    captcha:                                   # (array)   Captchas service configuration
        enabled: true                          # (boolean) Captchas service activation
        trials-before-display: 9               # (integer) Number of trials before captcha activation

    providers:                                 # (array)   Authentication providers configuration

        facebook:                              # (array)   Facebook authentication configuration
            enabled: false                     # (boolean) Facebook provider activation
                app-id: ''                     # (string)  Facebook application id
                secret: ''                     # (string)  Facebook application secret

        twitter:                               # (array)   Twitter authentication configuration
            enabled: false                     # (boolean) Twitter provider activation
                consumer-key: ''               # (string)  Twitter consumer key
                consumer-secret: ''            # (string)  Twitter consumer secret

        google-plus:                           # (array)   Google Plus authentication configuration
            enabled: false                     # (boolean) Google Plus provider activation
                client-id: ''                  # (string)  Google Plus client-id
                client-secret: ''              # (string)  Google Plus client-secret

        github:                                # (array)   GitHub authentication configuration
            enabled: false                     # (boolean) GitHub provider activation
                client-id: ''                  # (string)  GitHub client-id
                client-secret: ''              # (string)  GitHub client-secret

        viadeo:                                # (array)   Viadeo authentication configuration
            enabled: false                     # (boolean) Viadeo provider activation
                client-id: ''                  # (string)  Viadeo client-id
                client-secret: ''              # (string)  Viadeo client-secret

        linkedin:                              # (array)   LinkedIn authentication configuration
            enabled: false                     # (boolean) LinkedIn provider activation
                client-id: ''                  # (string)  LinkedIn client-id
                client-secret: ''              # (string)  LinkedIn client-secret

registration-fields:                           # (array)   Registration fields configuration

        name: company
        required: false                        # (boolean) Field is displayed, not required
        name: firstname
        required: true                         # (boolean) Field is displayed and required

xsendfile:                                     # (array)   Sendfile (Nginx) / XSendFile (Apache) configuration

    enabled: false                             # (boolean) SendFile/XSendFIle activation
    type: nginx                                # (string)  XSendFile type (`nginx` ou `apache`)
    mapping: []                                # (array)   Directories mapping (see configuration for :ref:`Apache<apache-xsendfile>` and :ref:`Nginx<nginx-sendfile>`)

user-settings:                                 # (array)   An array of default settings for user settings
    images_per_page: 60
    images_size: 200

plugins: []                                    # (array)   :doc:`Plugins <Plugins>` configuration.

    idle: 3600                                 # (integer) Inactivity before disconnection (in seconds)
    lifetime: 604800                           # (integer) Maximum session time (in seconds)

    enabled: false                             # (boolean) API CORS activation.
    allow_credentials: false                   # (boolean) Include cookies in CORS request.

    allow_origin: ['*']                        # (array)   List of authorized origin domain to request the API.
                                               #           '*' to allow requets from any origin.
    allow_headers: []                          # (array)   List of supported headers by the server.
    allow_methods: ['GET', 'POST', 'PUT']      # (array)   List of supported method.
    expose_headers: ['X-Custom-Header']        # (array)   List of headers different than (Cache-Control, Content-Language, Content-Type, Expires, Last-Modified, Pragma)
                                               #           to expose to the client.
    max_age: 0                                 # (integer) Allows the preflight response to be cached for a specified number of seconds.
    hosts: ['']             # (array)   List of domain where the CORS is activated.

    enabled: false                             # (boolean) static thumbnails activation.
    type: nginx                                # (string) StaticFile type (`nginx` ou `apache`)
    symlink-directory: ''                      # (string) The directory where symlynks to images will be created

lazyload: false                                # (boolean) thumbnail lazyload activation (obsolete if static file enabled)


Available languages with their respectives codes are:

  • French : fr_FR
  • English : en_GB
  • German : de_DE
  • Dutch : nl_NL

Cache services

cache and opcode-cache cache services can be configures with the following adapters:

Name Service Description Options
MemcacheCache cache Cache server using PHP memcache extension host, port
MemcachedCache cache Cache server using PHP memcached extension host, port
RedisCache Cache Cache server using PHP redis extension host, port
ApcCache opcode-cache Opcode Cache that uses PHP APC  
XcacheCache opcode-cache Opcode Cache that uses PHP Xcache  
WinCacheCache opcode-cache Opcode Cache that uses PHP WinCache  
ArrayCache cache | opcode-cache No cache  

Search Engine service

Two search engine services are available: Phrasea engine and SphinxSearch engine.

Name Options
Alchemy\Phrasea\SearchEngine\SphinxSearch\SphinxSearchEngine host, port, rt_host, rt_port

Trusted proxies

If Phraseanet is behind a reverse proxy, its address must be set as a trusted one so that users IP address will be correctly recognized.


Optional registration fields

registration-fields section allows to customize registration fields and which ones of them are required.

        name: company
        required: false
        name: firstname
        required: true
id Nom
login Login
gender Gender
firstname First name
lastname Last name
address Address
zipcode Zip Code
geonameid City
position position
company Company
job Job
tel Telephone
fax Fax

Sendfile / XSendFile Configuration

Xsendfile configuration should be handled with commanline tools. Both Nginx and Apache documentation are available.

Plugins configuration

Plugins are configured in the same file. Plugins documentation explains how to configure yours plugins.

Border Manager service configuration

Border Manager checkers are configurable. It is also possible to create your own checker.

Checker Description Options
CheckerSha256 Checks for duplicated files based on their sha256 check sum  
CheckerUUID Checks for duplicated files based on their UUID  
CheckerDimension Checks file dimension (if applicable) width : file width height : file height
CheckerExtension Checks file extension extensions : authorized file extensions
CheckerFilename Checks for duplicated files based on their filename sensitive : enable case sensitivity
CheckerMediaType Checks media type (Audio, Video...) mediatypes : authorized media types
CheckerColorspace Checks colorspace (if applicable) colorspaces : authorized colorspaces

Border manager service allow to customize mime-type detection with the extension-mapping parameter. Mime type detection can be wrong on some platforms. Use this array to force a mime-type given a file extension.

Collections restrictions

It is possible to restrict the validation constraint on a set of collections by passing a list of base_id:

        type: Border\BorderManager
            enabled: true
                    type: Checker\Sha256
                    enabled: true
                        - 4
                        - 5

Databoxes restrictions

The same restriction can be done at databoxes level:

        type: Border\BorderManager
            enabled: true
                    type: Checker\Sha256
                    enabled: true
                        - 3
                        - 7


It is not possible to restrict at databoxes and collections levels at the same time.

Implement a custom checker

Checker’s object are declared in the Alchemy\Phrasea\Border\Checker namespace. The checker has to be in this namespace and must implement Alchemy\Phrasea\Border\Checker\Checker interface.

Example of GPS based checker:

namespace Alchemy/Phrasea/Border/Checker;

use Alchemy\Phrasea\Border\File;
use Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager;
use MediaVorus\Media\DefaultMedia as Media;

class NorthPole implements Checker
    private $options;

    public function __construct(Array $options)
        $this->options = $options;

    public function check(EntityManager $em, File $file)
        $media = $file->getMedia();

        if (null !== $latitude = $media->getLatitude() && null !== $ref = $media->getLatitudeRef()) {
            if($latitude > 60 && $ref == Media::GPSREF_LATITUDE_NORTH) {
                return true;

        return false;

Enable the checker

    enabled: true
            type: Checker\NorthPole
            enabled: true

Users settings

It is possible to customize default users settings. Available parameters are:

Name Description Defaut value Available values
view Results display thumbs thumbs (thumbnail view) list (list view)
images_per_page Results quantity per page 20  
images_size Result thumbnail size 120  
editing_images_size Editing thumbnail size 134  
editing_top_box Editing top block (percentage) 30  
editing_right_box Editing right block (percentage) 48  
editing_left_box Editing left block (percentage) 33  
basket_sort_field Basket sort index name name (by name) or date (by date)
basket_sort_order Basket sort index ASC ASC (ascending) or DESC (descending)
warning_on_delete_story Alert before remove a story true true (yes) or false (no)
client_basket_status Display baskets in Classic 1 1 (yes) or 0 (no)
css Production CSS theme 000000 000000 (dark) or 959595 (bright)
advanced_search_reload Reload previous search options on Prod loading 1 1 (yes) or 0 (no)
start_page_query Default question last  
start_page Production start page QUERY PUBLI (publications) or QUERY (query) ou LAST_QUERY (last query)
rollover_thumbnail Rollover display caption caption (notice) or preview (preview)
technical_display Display technical data 1 1 (yes) or 0 (no) or group (inside the caption)
doctype_display Display a record type icon 1 1 (yes) or 0 (no)
basket_caption_display Display basket records notice 0 1 (yes) or 0 (no)
basket_status_display Display basket records status 0 1 (yes) or 0 (no)
basket_title_display Display basket records title 0 1 (yes) or 0 (no)

Session durations


Set the inactivity time (in seconds) before the user is automatically disconnected from application.

The setting “idle” has priority over “lifetime”. If “idle” is set, the option “remember me” is not displayed on the homepage.


Checking “Remember me” on homepage allows to access the application later without authentifying again. Access is allowed for this duration (in seconds).



Boolean that triggers lazy load for thumbnails in production, this option is not obsolete if static file mode is enabled.


If this option is enabled, thumbnails are served as static content. Symlinks to images will be created.

    enabled: true
    type: nginx
    symlink-directory: ''