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Phraseanet Documentation

Customize watermarks

A watermark is a logo which superimposes subviews. This device serves as a deterrent to prevent the misuse of pictures.

By default, the watermark is a cross blocking the surface of an image with the name of the collection. It is possible to customize the watermarks applied on the pictures for each collection.

Watermark file characteristics

The file must be a Gif or Png with transparency, preferably a square format, containing as many pixels as the largest side of the Preview subview (or as the largest side of the largest Preview class subview).

Upload the watermark file

The watermark is customizable for each Phraseanet collection. In Phraseanet Admin, display the collection of the watermark to customize. Upload the watermark file in section Watermark.

Applied to a picture, the watermark gives the following result.


Nota bene

After updating a watermark file, and if there are already media in Phraseanet, the cache files created by the application must be deleted.

Adapt and use the following command to clear existing watermarked files in storage directories:

find $storage_directory -type f -iname watermark_* -exec rm -rf {} \;