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Phraseanet Documentation

FAQ Administration

The essential

This section of the FAQ regroups the questions about Phraseanet administration.

I can not upload files of more than 2Mb

Edit the settings upload-max-filesize and post_max_size in the PHP configuration file then apply the new settings.

Example to raise the limit up to 1024Mb:

  • In the file php.ini :
upload-max-filesize = 1024M
post_max_size       = 1024M

Restart your configuration (Apache or PHP-Fpm depending on the case).

With Nginx for web server, large queries must be activated:

  • In the file nginx.conf:
http {

    client_max_body_size 1024M;


The result thumbnails are hot-air-balloons

The creation of subviews may take time depending on the nature and the size of the documents that were added to the base.

Also make sure that the subview creation task is started in the task manager section in the Admin module.

Restart Subviews creation task if necessary.

There are no thumbnails in the search results

If there are no thumbnails in the results area, and that the records found are only displayed with their title, it is possible that the thumbnails directory is not correctly mounted on the web server.

Check the “/web” alias in the Virtual Host configuration and check that it points to the directory used to stock thumbnails.

When mass editing documents, error messages appear

Two cases:

If Suhosin extension is compiled with the version of PHP in use, it is possible that it limits the number of arguments per query. To correct this malfunction, raise this limit in the PHP configuration file. Add the following lines in the php.ini file then restart the web server.

If the suhosin module is not used or if PHP version is greater or equal to 5.3.15, add the following line in the php.ini file then restart the web server.


When modifying user rights, some rights are not saved

The PHP configuration may limit the number of arguments per query.

Apply the indicated advices to treat the error messages that may appear when editing a large number of records.

The installation aborted, how to resume it ?

To resume an aborted installation, delete the following files :

  • config/config.yml
  • config/connexions.yml
  • config/services.yml

Restart the installation using the following command :

bin/setup system:install

What happens when a media is added to a Phraseanet base ?

The system reads in the structure of the base to get:

  • the indexation fields
  • the indexation links and the metadatas source (EXIF,, XMP, IPTC...*etc*.)
  • the directories that store physical data (original media and sub-definitions)

Then it stores the original document in the directory for original media.

The metadata contents (IPTC, XMP, EXIF...etc.) of the original media file is then read and extracted accordingly to the fields settings of the documentary structure.

The subviews are generated then saved in storage directories obtained from the structure.

The metadata can then be written in some subviews files (depending on the setting).

The metadatas are then added to the index of the search engine. This action allows the record to be searchable.