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Phraseanet Documentation

Add record


Add a record to Phraseanet. If the file does not fit all install constraints, it goes to the quarantine. This behavior can be bypassed with the optional forceBehavior parameter

Requires Authentication Yes


Parameters Type Information
file file Mandatory - The file related to the record to add
base_id integer Mandatory - The base_id related to the destination collection
status string 32 bits format binary string (optional) ex. : “0b10110000”: rise status-bits 7, 5 and 4 ; note. : Status-bits 3 to 0 are reserved for Phraseanet and must be set to 0
forceBehavior integer 0: force record ; 1: force quarantine (optional)
nosubdefs entier Optional - 1: Prevents the creation of sub-definitions files for this document. If document goes to quarantine attribute nosubdefs will be lost

Response Fields

In case a record is created, the following

Field Description
entity A code corresponding to the created entity (record => 0 ; quarantine => 1)
url The url of the created item

Response sample

    "meta": {
        "api_version": "1.3",
        "request": "POST /api/v1/records/add/",
        "response_time": "2012-06-13T15:59:58+02:00",
        "http_code": 200,
        "error_type": null,
        "error_message": null,
        "error_details": null,
        "charset": "UTF-8"
    "response": {
        "entity": 1,
        "url": '/quarantine/item/136/',