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Phraseanet Documentation


Each OAuth2 client application can receive information from Phraseanet through Webhooks. Its purpose is to send HTTP requests with the POST verb to a given URL when an event occurs in Phraseanet. These Webhooks can be used to perform specific actions in client application such as sending emails, running updates, notifiying of new flows...etc. Webhooks extend functionalities of the client application.


A webhook can be configured to trigger one or more events. The client application must support the listening to these events.


Phraseanet trigger webhooks only when a new entry is created in a RSS feed. For instant, It is not possible to configure the type of event to trigger. But we stand prepared for this possibility in the near future.

One event available

Name Description
new_feed_entry A new entry of a RSS feed is created.


The data sent for each event are in JSON format. Each event has a JSON schema with a “name” key to represent the type of event.

Example of JSON object sent by Phraseanet.

    "name" : ":event_name",

Only relevant data differ.

List of useful data objects per event

  • NewFeedEntry
    "name": "new_feed_entry",
    "users_were_notified": false,
    "feed": {
        "title": "Cannes Festival",
        "description": "Your everyday news about cannes festival",
        "is_public": false
    "entry": {
        "author": {
            "name": "",
            "email": ""
        "title": "PRESS CONFERENCE - Winners",
        "description": "At the end of the Closing Ceremony, the winners have come, each in turn, speak to the press."
    "users": [
            "mail": "",
            "firstname": "John",
            "lastname": "Bradley"
            "mail": "",
            "firstname": "Johnatan",
            "lastname": "Benett"