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Phraseanet Documentation


To ease development, Phraseanet 3.8.6 and following versions include a development environment provided through Vagrant.


The following prerequisites are needed to setup a development environment:

  • Ruby 1.9+
  • Vagrant 1.6+
  • Host Updater Plugin “vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater”
  • VirtualBox


  • Clone the Phraseanet Project.
  • In the root directory of the project run the following command:
  • Wait 30 seconds and give your root password to mount shared folder through NFS.
  • The complete set up takes approximatively one hour.
  • To connect to the Vagrant VM run:
  • Phraseanet sources path is “/var/www/phraseanet”
  • you will need to create two databases, to use phraseanet, mysql credentials are:
  • user: root
  • password: toor
  • Then go to the following url “http://phraseanet-php54-nginx/” in your browser, that’s it


Typical Environment is:

  • Debian 7 Wheezy
  • nginx 1.6.2
  • php 5.4.33 + FPM
  • mariadb 10.0.14
  • rabbitmq 3.3.5
  • redis 2.8.17
  • elasticsearch 1.2.1
  • node 0.10.29

VM’s IP is on a private network.


How to connect to the VM database ? You can reach VM database using SSH using the following parameters:

  • VM Credentials - SSH Host: - SSH user: vagrant - SSH port: 22 - SSH Key: vagrant/vms/phraseanet-php54-nginx/puphpet/files/dot/ssh/insecure_private_key from phraseanet root directory
  • MySQL Credentials:
    • Mysql Host :
    • Mysql User: root
    • Mysql Password: toor
    • Mysql Port 3306

I can not reach elasticsearch neither rabbitmq or any client on* ? By default ip table blocks the access to these ports, you can enable their access by running the following command:

I am not authorized to activate debug mode on phraseanet using http://phraseanet-php54-nginx/index_dev.php/* By default access to debug mode is only authorized from loopback IP’s. Edit config/configuration.yml file with the following entry: