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Phraseanet Documentation

Create third-party applications using Phraseanet API

Phraseanet has a public API, allowing developers to embed documents (videos, photos, etc. ...) and features from Phraseanet into a third-party application.

  • web site
  • mobile application
  • desktop application

Here are the steps to follow:

Register a new application with the Phraseanet API

Click on the login in the Phraseanet top menu.

In Phraseanet my account

Click on developer developer tab.


Click on Create a new application

  • Give a name to your application
  • Complete the application’s description, this information is for the user who will use your application, it will be displayed on the login page, be precise and briefly explain the purpose of your application
  • Fill the website field, this field is mandatory. This link is presented to the user on the login page to your application
  • Choose the type of the application internet application or desktop application
  • If it is a web application, complete the field callback URL. Authenticated users will be automatically redirected to this URL after their authentication

Once the application is registered it appears in a dashboard


The dashboard lists all the applications created by the authenticated user

Application settings

In the dashboard application developers click on the name of an application. The settings page of the application is displayed.


This page shows

  • The Client ID is a public unique identifier of the application
  • The Client Secret is a private password of the application to identify the application owner, never disclose this information.
  • The callback URL, it can be edited at any time by moving the mouse over.
  • The API authentication endpoints
  • Activation of the password grant_type enables your application to identify users through their Phraseanet identifiers .


Avoid this type of authentication, it is recommended to use it when the owner of the resource has a high degree of trust with the client, such as the operating system or device which is highly privileged with Phraseanet.

  • The developer token is an access token that identifies the owner of the application to the Phraseanet API


The developer token can be used during application development or to query the API by the intermediary of an automated process that does not require authentication..

See also

Phraseanet relies on the oAuth2.0 authentication protocol . To better understand the process of creation and authentication of third-party applications with the Phraseanet API, we invite developers to read the protocol RFC Oauth2.