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Phraseanet Documentation
Vous consultez actuellement la version 4.0. Consulter une autre version :


This guide is dedicated to the use of Phraseanet. It addresses different kind of users:

  • End users whose goal is to search and download media.
  • Contributors, documentalists or iconographs that feed, initiate, organize and promote documentary assets.
  • The functional administrators or the project managers that implement or animate multimedia libraries projects in enterprises or organizations.

On the one hand the guide gives a first approach on using Phraseanet while leaving the experts discovering the functionalities that will convince them to use Phraseanet for their projects. On the other hand, this guide gives use cases and offers answers to archiving matters, management, media broadcasting through Phraseanet.

This guide is not perfect.

It can lack some points and the reader may have some questions that have no answers in this guide.

He can put his questions on the forums or groups in which the Phraseanet team is active.

See the Support section of the website for the exhaustive list of the Phraseanet Google Groups.

Suggested approach

After a general presentation of the software’s interfaces, this guide suggests an approach by user case:

  • The section Fundamentals is for the users that use Phraseanet to search and export media.
  • The section Manage and animate an asset is for the users that exploit a media asset in Phraseanet.
  • Lightbox is a particular interface because it enables access to pushed media, webcasted in a particular interface. It answers the pushed information problem.
  • The section Administration is dedicated to the management and setting. It is targeted to administrators and managers that implement digital media management projects.

To access the different sections of this guide, click on the links below: