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Phraseanet Documentation

Media management

If no restrictions are applied in settings, Phraseanet can archive all file types. The only limits are the ability of the host platform to generate thumbnails and previews of archived documents.

Does Phraseanet manage every video formats ?

There are no format or codec restriction in Phraseanet. However, there might be a limit on displaying thumbnails or previews.

You might have noticed that Phraseanet uses FFmpeg for video processing.

If the FFmpeg version used by your Phraseanet supports these codecs, then you will have access to thumbnails and subviews in the application. If not, you will have a standard static thumbnail.

FFmpeg’s update can be useful. Updating these components on a Phraseanet sandbox first is a good practice.

In all cases, even if the thumbnails and previews are not available, edition, push, and all others Phraseanet actions are still available.

The multi-layers documents rendering is weird

The creation of the subviews for pictures is handled by softwares such as ImageMagick, GraphicsMagic or by default by the GD graphics library. Only ImageMagick and GraphicsMagic can handle multi-layers documents (Photoshop psd files, or non flatten Tiff). However, they can not extract thumbnails and good sub-definitions for this type of document.


Try using the thumbnail substitution available in the Tools window