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Phraseanet Documentation
Vous consultez actuellement la version 3.8. Consulter une autre version :

Upgrade Procedure

To upgrade Phraseanet to the latest version, it is strongly recommended to follow this upgrade procedure:

  • In the “Administration” panel of Phraseanet, stop the scheduler.
  • Log out all users (including you, the upgrade operator).
  • Backup databases with the provided tool:
bin/console system:backup-db
  • Compile and update the php_phrasea extension.

  • Compile and replace the new indexer binary.

  • Replace old source by following these steps:
    • Rename the folder containing the previous sources (ex: phraseanet-backup-date).
    • Place the latest sources where the previous one were.
  • Overwrite the config folder with the one of the previous installation.

  • Reloading Apache or Nginx server, eventually PHP-FPM to support the new version of the extension.

  • In a terminal, at sources root, execute the following command. Please note that execution time in this step could be long.

bin/setup system:upgrade

After upgrading from old versions (before 3.6), the output asks to run more commands:

Your install requires data migration, please execute the following command

        bin/setup system:upgrade-datas --from=3.1

Your install might need to re-read technical datas

        bin/console records:rescan-technical-datas

Your install might need to re-read technical datas

        bin/console records:build-missing-subdefs

These commands should be executed in the same order to ensure a correct upgrade.

  • Verify that Phraseanet has been upgraded with the command:
bin/console --version
  • Restart the tasks in Phraseanet “Administration” panel.