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Phraseanet Documentation

API v2 Overview

Phraseanet API uses standard HTTP v1.1. Requests are GET, POST, PUT or POST requests, returning JSON.

Parameters must be sent as a JSON Body or Http query parameters depending on the used route. Clients MUST set Content-Type header to application/json when a body is required. Clients MUST set Accept header to application/json for all requests.

As Phraseanet API uses oAuth2 for authentication, you have to setup your server/do you requests with https.


There are no Rate Limits in v2, so you do as many requests as you wish.

Public Access

There are no public access to Phraseanet API for the moment


All responses are wrapped in an object containing two fields: response and meta. Response is by default sent as JSON data.


An optional timers fields, providing an array of timers, can be retrieved by activating this feature. Read the configuration doc to enable it.

Timer example:

    "meta": {
    "response": {
    "timers": [
          "name": "api.load.end",
          "memory": 1908328,
          "time": 0.0025968551635742
          "name": "api.result",
          "memory": 3885680,
          "time": 0.033026933670044



curl -H 'Accept: application/json' ...


    "meta": {
        "api_version": "1.3",
        "request": "GET /api/v1/feeds/288/content/",
        "response_time": "2011-07-27T15:52:04+02:00",
        "http_code": 200,
        "error_type": null,
        "error_message": null,
        "error_details": null,
        "charset": "UTF-8"
    "response": {


The meta section contains few values, among “http_code”, “error_message” and “error details”.

Phraseanet API uses the appropriate HTTP status codes.

This code is repeated in the meta of the response, and the error_message is added.

You will find explanation below:

HTTP Code Meaning
400 Parameter is invalid or missing
401 The OAuth token was provided but was invalid
403 Access to the requested resource is forbidden
404 Requested resource is not found
405 Attempting to use POST with a GET-only endpoint, or vice versa
500 Internal Server Error