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Phraseanet Documentation

Fields type in Phraseanet

Using Phrasea engine involves typing the fields of the Phraseanet base format.

Four types are available:


It is the default type. There are no indexation by value(*). It neither allows searches with relational operators =, <, >... nor sorting.


The fields contents are indexed by value, as they are. This type is best used for exact searches (“author=William Shakespeare”).


The content are interpreted as a number. This type allows searches with relational operators (width>1000) or sorting by numerical value (for example, by filesize).


The expected content is an iso date format, eventually incomplete (for example : 2009). This formatting allows comparisons on dates (“date>=2000 and date<2012/12/20”) or sorting by date. When a field has a DATE format, a calendar assists the typing of a date in edition form.