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Phraseanet Documentation

Activate the FTP documents reception

The documents reception on FTP file-servers is a setting in Phraseanet. It must be activated to be available for users.

Activate FTP export

Log in as administrator

  • Go in the Setup section in Admin
  • In FTP export section, set Enable FTP export radio-button to True

By default, FTP export is available for Admins. Set Enable FTP for users radio button to True to activate this function for all the users.

  • Validate the settings modifications by submitting the form

Create a FTP export task

This task enable file transfers contained in a queue at regular intervals.

  • Go in the Task manager section in Admin
  • Create and set a FTP Push task
  • Start this task

Using the FTP export

The activation of this setting adds a new FTP tab in the export window for the users that can access it.

  • Fill the connection settings in the FTP tab of the Export overlay