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Vous consultez actuellement la version 3.6. Consulter une autre version :

Report An Issue

You’re facing an issue ? The result of an action is not what was expected ? You can not activate an optoon ? You want to ask a new option to make Phraseanet se more easy ?

Then you have to open an issue, but please before that, consider the following rules :

  • You are sure you got the latest Phraseanet version
  • You are sure your system has been patched after the update
  • Your issue can always be reproduced when chaining some simple actions.
  • You have read the FAQ for help for known issues
  • You are sure your problem has not already been reported

If this is OK (pfiou !), open an issue with, if available, a gist of the output of :

bin/console system:doctor
Be sure to :
  • Never just copy/paste the result
  • Give the simplest way to reproduce your issue step by step
  • Give the browser you’re using and the version.